Wedding FAQs

service-faqQuestion: How do I book you for my wedding? What is the process do I need to sign a contract?

Answer: We will need a 50% retainer or full payment to guarantee the date and time of the wedding. Until we have a retainer or a full payment the date can not be guaranteed. Clients can book any date in the schedule not already guaranteed with a retainer. Many brides choose to pay for there wedding in full at booking this is very common during peak bridal season. It’s completely up to the bride what they would prefer. If you choose not to pay for the wedding in full at booking, and instead you choose to pay the 50% retainer, the remaining balance will be due 30 days before the wedding as specified in the bridal contract. After we have the retainer or payment for the wedding we will send you a bridal contract to sign electronically for your convenience. The contract includes bridal makeup look for the day, pricing information, address, and start times etc. once you pay the retainer and sign the contract your wedding is guaranteed in the schedule.

Question: What happens at the trial? I don’t know what kind of makeup I want for my wedding? Can my mother or matron of honor have a trial?

Answer: This is very common do not worry. Bring pictures to the trial of makeup looks you like. Also bring a picture of how you normally wear your makeup. Use pinterest, magazines, etc. to find inspiration. We will customize a look specifically for you. We will also go over a skin care routine and a time line so that your special day runs as smoothly as possible. Anyone in the bridal party can have a trial. Trials are per person and are charged separately from any wedding day services booked. Bride only trials may have one additional person at the trial. That person will be asked to remain seated until the makeup application has been completed.

Question: What kind of makeup do you use? How long will it stay on? Do you airbrush? What’s the difference between airbrush and traditional makeup?

Answer: We only use high quality professional cosmetics formulated to look flawless on any media platform. With the right makeup prep any application will last through the entire wedding. As professionals we can guarantee the makeup for your wedding day will look flawless in person, timeless in pictures and beautiful on video. We do offer airbrush makeup application for the entire bridal party. Airbrush makeup sits on top of the skin and is great for textured skin; it will also not irritate sensitive skin. Traditional makeup is great for covering blemishes or dark spots. It’s also more customizable. We will be sure to choose the right foundation to best suit your skincare needs.

Question: What is your cancellation policy? Do you give refunds? What if I am running late?

Answer: A wedding can be cancelled prior to 30 days before the wedding date. However all retainers are non refundable. Anytime after that date the remaining balance will be due in full, with no exceptions. By reserving your date in the calendar we have turned down business for that date. We should be compensated for business lost if you cancel your date. By cancelling 30 days prior to the date we still may be able to schedule another client for the date. For weddings paid in full at booking. The payment is non refundable however it is one time only transferable to another date if the artist is available. This is based on artist discretion. The late policy states all guests for makeup must be present to have there makeup done within 15 minutes of there appointment slot. If they are not present they will be passed. If time permits at the end they will be completed. The purchaser/bride is responsible for any additional time needed to finish late guests at the overtime rate of $100 an hour. Remember it’s a very special day we want to be sure that it runs smoothly.

Question: I love your work but, you’re a bit out of my budget. Do you offer discounts?

Answer: We do not offer discounts. However, we do have promotions through out the year so follow us on social media. We prefer to give clients value added services instead of discounts. We would love to customize a packaged specifically for your wedding day needs. Please do not hesitate to ask for a customized package.

Question: What goes into the cost for beauty services?

Answer: In addition to the customized makeup application, there is a lot that goes into the specialized service you receive; here are a couple of reasons why the investment in a pro artist is worth it. 1) Luxury: On location beauty services are considered a luxury service. We will be packing up and transporting bags of equipment and supplies directly to you in the comfort of your home, bridal suite or hotel, on demand at the hour you specify. 2) Experience & Professionalism: As a professional, our expertise is broad and extensive, and we bring that knowledge to each consultation. The training we have received and put ourselves through, as well as experience makes our time as a professional valuable. 3) Products & Tools: All of our products and tools are professional grade and kept in sanitary conditions. This means not only a constant need to buy new products and to replace ones that are depleted, but also maintaining stock of sanitation materials to clean and care for the makeup properly. We only use the highest quality products and tools. 4) Other costs: Traveling to and from locations require time and money. The cost of transportation must be calculated. Advertising, website maintenance, preparing contracts and invoices are also some of the miscellaneous costs being factored into pricing. 5) Time: Aside from providing services on the day of, we will be providing skincare/makeup advice, answering emails, texts, and calls to answer questions. Your schedule becomes ours. All of the time spent reviewing pictures, providing skin care suggestions, going over scheduling, and coordinating, all these things contribute to time on the clock where we are devoting attention to you to make sure your special day is worry free and runs smoothly.
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